Pharos Diagnostics

Pharos Diagnostics’ culture reflects the importance of our services to our customers.  Our customers demand constant innovation and consistent accuracy to support their practices, and we enjoy delivering on that promise.  Accordingly, we built our highly experienced team along the following criteria 

Attitude – integrity, enthusiasm, responsibility, respect, inspiring, and teaching

Intelligence – creativity, curiosity, and problem-solving

Energy – motivated, responsive, perseverance. 

Pharos Diagnostics' culture provides an environment where our team members and our customers don’t have to shout to be heard.


Best practices, Diagnostic Expertise & Leading Edge Technology

We are constantly asking our customers what they need.  Through innovative development and ongoing application of new technologies in science and medicine, our scientific team provides clinical diagnostics solutions that have the power to change outcomes in the healthcare industry.  

We care !

“We provide the highest level of customer service attainable. It’s the culmination of everything we do.”