Testing Services

High complexity multiplex testing utilizing mass spectrometry for measuring vitamin levels, hormone and steroids, oncology companion diagnostics, and toxicology screening.

Individual test results narrowly define one symptom.  Pharos Diagnostics provides its clients the ability to create more holistic panels, more relevant to assessing the overall health of an individual or at least the overall health of an individual’s critical systems.

Since our mass spectrometry based testing is very accurate, the nuances of the compounds measured can be clearly highlighted (e.g. the 3 estrogens, or different forms of vitamin E) and give our clients a wider perspective as to overall health.  Mass spectrometry also allows Pharos Diagnostics to provide multiple test results (multiplexing) from one small sample.

Chemotherapy is physically demanding on patients, and medically challenging for oncologists.  Pharos Diagnostics’ goal is to provide information to oncologists that will help them more accurately prescribe chemotherapies, and to monitor individuals metabolism of the specific compounds during the course of their regimen.