In Good Company- A World Class Scientific Consortium from the Academic & Private Sectors advancing Research through Multi-Disciplinary Collaboration

Pharos Diagnostics was established by a group of people who share the vision that focusing on our customers' needs is the foundation to scientific innovation.  Our organization and advisory board include a world class scientific and executive business team with broad experience across the academic, public and private sectors.  Our belief is that through enlightened multi-disciplinary collaboration and engagement, new innovation and technology applications in clinical diagnostics emerge.

The Pharos Team Pyramid

Leadership Through An Inverted Triangle 

We have flipped the traditional corporate pyramid and put our customers at the top of our leadership model.  Our customers drive our company initiatives and in turn, our team supports each functional area of the organization with the same level of customer service and enthusiasm.  Our senior executive team, board of directors and scientific advisory board are the foundation of our initiatives, ensuring the guidance, strategic objectives and resources are established to deliver on our commitments to our customers.

We care !

“We provide the highest level of customer service attainable. It’s the culmination of everything we do.”