Research and Development

Pharos provides exceptional analytical support for the research community. We excel at mass spectrometry testing and method development and provide the highest quality results. Our CLIA lab will support your research testing needs from bench to bedside including drug/metabolite monitoring, metabolites, hormones, vitamins, etc. with new analytes added to our menu constantly. 

We provide:

  • Method development of mass spectrometry and related technologies for new chemical entities and their metabolites or other compounds unavailable on diagnostic menus.
  • Mass spectrometry allows accurate testing on small volumes of samples (often less than 50 µl) or low concentration analytes.
  • Analytical development support throughout the research and development cycle: in vitro samples, animal studies and human trials. 
  • Supportive testing includes clinical chemistry, hematology, ELISA & pathology to provide full testing service without splitting samples.
  • Our team works with you to optimize your testing and study outcomes.


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I just wanted to let you know that your data was fantastic! It really helped us validate our models. Your sensitivity is excellent. Thank you very much!

Paul, pharma company executive