Standard & Specialized Testing

Pharos Diagnostics products and services include a suite of solutions for healthcare providers and their patients.  Pharos is devoted to finding innovative ways to assist healthcare practitioners in preventing and treating disease.  Our testing services have been tailored to meet the needs of the clients we serve, including collaborative support of research and development.

Our Diagnostic Services from urine, serum and blood specimens include:​

  • Therapeutic Drug Monitoring – screening and confirmation​
  • Steroid/Hormone measurement (including interval testing)
  • Vitamin Level quantitative testing
  • Biomarkers and Metabolic Markers

Contract Services

We collaborate closely with commercial and academic organizations and provide contract services to develop diagnostic tests and support drug development including:

  • Pharmacokinetic (PK) testing and drug or metabolite identification and measurement for clinical trials
  • Efficacy marker development for clinical trials​
  • Companion diagnostic development for new pharmacological agents​
  • New diagnostic development and validation with regulatory agencies including FDA and CMS

Reference Laboratory Support

Partnering with both large and small medical institutions and providers, Pharos Diagnostics provides services to fulfill many outsourced esoteric diagnostic testing needs.  

Whether it be a standard test or a specialized need, Pharos successfully collaborates with organizations seeking diagnostic testing solutions.  Please contact us to discuss your organization's particular needs.

We care !

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