Pharos Diagnostics Customer Care

Our Customers drive every aspect of our business.  Pharos team members enthusiastically look for creative yet simple ways of providing support and solving problems.  Within our company, we treat each other like customers as well.  How do we deliver excellent customer service?

  • We Hire Great People
  • We Are Proactive
  • We Offer a Seamless Experience
  • We Treat our Customers as Individuals
  • We Own Our Mistakes and Correct them Quickly

Commitment + Urgency + Tenacity = Exceptional Customer Service

Super Heroic Follow Through

Our energetic customer service team members are the frontline super heroes of our organization. They escalate and eradicate our customers' issues and concerns at lightning speed with a sense of urgency, responsibility and always in a friendly manner.

We care !

“We provide the highest level of customer service attainable. It’s the culmination of everything we do.”