Pharos Diagnostics

Pharos Diagnostics is a clinical diagnostics company operating CLIA certified laboratories.  Pharos utilizes mass spectrometry to provide highly accurate clinical diagnostic solutions and applications to clinicians and researchers.  Pharos incorporates or develops robust and precise methods for sensitive analysis to improve the turnaround time and reduce the costs of testing.

Pharos supports our customer’s and partner’s continual search for better analytical information by bringing over half a century of scientific and medical experience to bear on ever-changing diagnostic demands from patients and payers. 

Pharos is a customer focused company that guides our customers towards diagnostic excellence through science-based research.  Our world class scientific team collaborates with healthcare providers and organizations to meet the diagnostic needs related to their patients' care.  Our commitment to customer support and care is evident at every level of our organization.

Pharos takes regulatory compliance seriously.  Integrity is a core value of the company which extends from scientific method development and is exemplified by the customers and institutions with whom we partner.


About Us

Best practice, Diagnostic Expertise & Cutting Edge Technology

We constantly ask our customers and make them aware of new diagnostic developments.  Through innovative development and ongoing application of new technologies in science and medicine, our scientific team provides clinical diagnostics solutions that have the power to change outcomes in the healthcare industry.  

We care !

“We provide the highest level of customer service attainable. It’s the culmination of everything we do.”